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OneWire delivers computing resources without ever requiring you to buy server hardware. The system is built upon industry-leading virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Cloud Computing technology is where server hardware is shared by many users, similar to how a roadway is shared by motorists. With this infrastructure approach, hardware is purchased, managed and maintained seamlessly by a third party.

Virtualization technology separates a server from the physical hardware that it operates on. When deployed optimally, this reduces failures, increases reliability, and delivers savings.

Redundant Hardware

Everything is redundant. Each pod consists of several clustered hosts, multiple switches, a redundant centralized storage array and battery backup. Connections between components within the pod are also redundant, so no matter what may fail, the system keeps seamlessly running.

Redundant Connectivity

Each pod is connected to the internet through multiple connections using independent infrastructures. This prevents service interruptions in case of a connectivity outage. Multiple power sources are backed up by generators with battery backup to combat any blackout scenarios.