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OneWire delivers computing resources without ever requiring you to buy server hardware. The system is built upon industry-leading virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Cloud Computing technology is where server hardware is shared by many users, similar to how a roadway is shared by motorists. With this infrastructure approach, hardware is purchased, managed and maintained seamlessly by a third party.

Virtualization technology separates a server from the physical hardware that it operates on. When deployed optimally, this reduces failures, increases reliability, and delivers savings.

High Availability

Failures are inherent in all technologies. “Enterprise thinking” demands that every breakdown is planned for and no system relies on a single point of vulnerability. This is why your servers live within a “high availability” environment. In the unlikely event of a host hardware failure, the effected servers are quickly absorbed into healthy hosts and business is back on track within minutes. This occurrence is extremely rare and the interruption is usually unnoticed.