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OneWire delivers computing resources without ever requiring you to buy server hardware. The system is built upon industry-leading virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Cloud Computing technology is where server hardware is shared by many users, similar to how a roadway is shared by motorists. With this infrastructure approach, hardware is purchased, managed and maintained seamlessly by a third party.

Virtualization technology separates a server from the physical hardware that it operates on. When deployed optimally, this reduces failures, increases reliability, and delivers savings.

A Complete Datacenter Solution

The cloud computing industry has many players offering products that range from simple to sophisticated. OneWire offers products that are both at the same time – products with an intuitive front-end but feature-rich, reliable back-end.

Since every business has unique needs each datacenter is a bit different, OneWire offers you a complete datacenter with the ability to customize it to your requirements. Whether you use Windows or Linux; whether you need to deploy multiple firewalls and load balancers or your own specialized, physical hardware, the OneWire hybrid datacenter will deliver the best possible performance.