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  Small Business Datacenter Small Business Datacenter with Virtualization Amazone EC2 SoftLayer RackSpace
Offering is appropriate for: Enterprise-class VPS
Business Datacenter
Dev/Test Environment
Multi-app Servers
Business Datacenter
Business Datacenter
Single-App Server
Single-App Server
Single-App Server
Data housed in Canada
Easy-to-Use All-In-One Dashboard
Customer Physical Hardware Integration
Clone or Deploy Servers from Template
VPN Access to Datacenter

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Networking Capabilities
Fully Customizable Networks
Network Switches
VPN Access to the Datacenter
Configure Network Switch Remotely
System Features
Supports Windows & Linux Platforms
Fully Configureable Hardware Resources
Instant Deployment of Network and Servers
Instant Server Expandability (Elasticity)
Management Features
Easy-To-Use All-In-One Dashboard
Manage & Configure Systems Remotely
Private ISO Uploading, Mounting & Booting
Developer Interface (API) Coming Soon
Enterprise Architecture & Intelligence
Complete Hardware Redundancy
Redundant Power and Connectivity
Centralized SAN Storage
Total Hardware Failover Solution
Optimized Workload Distribution
Customer Owned Physical Hardware Intergration